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Is your tote bag killing pandas?

Is your tote bag killing pandas? We’re all struggling to do our part when it comes to recycling, eating vegetarian or even riding a bike. All this in an effort to tackle climate change. But when you find out exactly where your recycling ends up, it might be easy to wonder ‘is our planet doomed anyway’? Special guests: MEP Magid Magid and Jonas Mallisse, Too Good To Go Host: Priyanka Shankar. Executive producer: Toon Vos.

Just a Game

The gaming industry is now making more revenue than the music and movie industry combined, with about 2.5 billion gamers worldwide. Politicians argue that video games are sending the wrong messages to younger generations. But is it fair to play this blame game? Starring: Research specialist and video game author, Elizabeth Maler, and youth activist and gaming enthusiast, Manuel Gil Host: Priyanka Shankar. Executive producer: Toon Vos.

Why are Millenials...?

Millennials are killing everything. Brands, culture, industries; we will stop at nothing. The media clearly wants to put the blame on young people for bringing change. Why are we such a controversial generation and do we really have a different perspective on life?

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